In San Francisco and Marin County Kirk Henderson has provided a range of motion graphics for a variety of projects for over a decade. As a storyboard artist, Henderson's animatics quickly bring stories to life that existed before only as a thought or description. A storyboard animatic is a quick and relatively low cost way to bring your ideas to life. For examples of storyboard animatics view animatics 1-3 above.

A lot of motion graphics can be done in After Effects for a fraction of the cost of 3D computer graphics. For a sample of Henderson's high end motion graphic designs blended nicely within a 3D environment, view motion graphics 1 & 2. Henderson's skill with animation extends his range beyond mere graphic designs, as showcased in Prankster and Kidflix samples above.

For all your motion graphic design needs, your one stop shop should be Kirksworks Studio. To discuss what you want to bring to life call Kirk Henderson at 415-459-5181 or 415-305-1342.