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imdb comments by Kirk Henderson - Intelligent, compassionate reviews of movies.
The Visage - International award winning short film I wrote and directed.
Louise Brooks Society - Star of the silent PANDORA'S BOX, the stunningly beautiful, influential Louise Brooks.
Buster Keaton Society - Most inventive of all the silent era funny men.
The Silent Era - Great reference for silent films.
San Francisco Film Society - For filmmakers and anyone interested in Bay Area film.
Alfred Hitchcock Master of Suspense - Still one of my favorite directors.
Trailers From Hell - Directors give voice over commentary on trailers of their favorite films.
Film Score Monthly - Largest film music site in the U.S.
Amy Macdonald - Brilliant young recording artist from Scotland. Big star in Europe, maybe here one day.
The Daily Show - Jon Stewart hilariously picks apart today's political hypocrisy.
The Cliffhouse - History and photos of the spectacular old Cliffhouse.
The Sutro Baths - Once upon a time the largest indoor swimming pool in the world.
California Carnivores - Carnivorous plants are amazing and beautiful.
El Cholo - Green corn tamales! Mmmm! Great Mexican restaurant in L.A.